Reykjavík Energy

Reykjavík Energy (Orkuveitan) is the parent company of Veitur, Orka náttúrunnar, Ljósleiðarinn and Carbfix. We support a growing society, homes and business life with innovation in energy, utilities and carbon fixation. We enable a sustainable future.

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The company's vision and strategy emphasize sustainability, innovation, cooperation and future thinking with the benefit of customers and the society as a guiding light.

With the energy of nature, the creative energy of human life and the entrepreneurial energy of its operations, Reykjavík Energy is at the forefront of driving communities forward in a sustainable manner. We all enjoy the benefits.


We enable a sustainable future.


We support growing communities, households and businesses through innovation in energy supply, utility operations and carbon fixation.

Strategic focus areas

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Increased supply and sustainable solutions

Capturing nature's energy

  • Increased energy production
  • Responsible resource utilisation
  • Efficient utility system
  • Carbon neutrality

Innovation and strong collaboration

Connecting with society's creative energy

  • Value-adding solutions
  • Agile and efficient implementation
  • Effective collaboration

Success-oriented team and sustainable operations

Amplifying our own innovative energy

  • Diverse team
  • Efficient and smart
  • Reliable operation
  • Forward-thinking leadership

For the customer

Bringing energy to customers

  • Satisfied customer
  • Smart and safe service
  • Diverse business

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our values

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  • Initiative reflects our commitment to driving positive change.
  • Foresight primarily revolves around Reykjavik Energy's function, since utility management is by its nature quite a long-term issue and residents’ needs for the services of utility companies remain ever-present.
  • Efficiency is vital for cost-effective day-to-day management so that customers can obtain services at a fair price.
  • Integrity is about how employees are perceived by customers and by each other, how they work and guarantee transparency in management.